Manassero Farms Infused Balsamic Vinegars

$ 19.50

Manassero Farms own Infused Balsamic Vinegars, each 8.45 oz.

Strawberry - 

This refreshing balsamic tastes like fresh summer strawberries. Sun drenched vine-ripened California strawberries are the basis for the strawberry puree concentrate that we use to create this product. Pairs great with our Basil Olive Oil for your favorite spinach salad, especially when you add feta cheese crumbles.


Traditional Italian - 

The base balsamic that we start all of our flavored products with. It is characterized by rich, sweet flavor of Italian grapes with the savory balance of fermented grape vinegar. The highest concentration of grape must (up to 75%) along with aging in Slovenien oak barrels based on family processes handed down through generations delivers you a product reminiscent of the greatest Italian traditional balsamics.


Mango - 

This unique, tropical balsamic is bursting with fresh mango flavor. We use two different types of mango to achieve this: an intense Indian mango for full body and a bright Ecuadorian mango for a fresh finish. No need to worry about when mango is out of season, now you can enjoy it year round.


Fig - 

This popular dark balsamic has the sticky sweetness and earthy aroma of ripe figs. It is thicker than most balsamic vinegar reductions because we use a paste made from California grown ripe figs. Pairs great with our Lemon Olive Oil.


Pear - 

One of our most popular flavors! This balsamic has a smooth, velvety finish with rich pear under and over tones. It is so versatile. Use it any time a recipe calls for any white wine or white balsamic viengar. It will be just the difference to make that recipe a little cut above the rest.